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Hilleberg many thanks to hilleberg, for me the best tent maker. on my first round the world trip, my hilleberg acto withstand any storm. the only reason why i wanted a new one now is, i would like to have a free standing tent. many thanks to hilleberg for providing me with the ultimates soulo tent.

of course, during the second round the world trip it proved again the high quality
of the hilleberg tent.

magura thanks a lot to magura. for such an adventure there are no better brakes than the magura hs33. forget all concerns concerning hydraulic, neither heat nor coldness or extreme altitude has an impact on the performance. also the brake pads last almost forever, which is very positive when you are cycling in areas without (good) bicycle shops. for my second round the world trip i got the “menja” front suspension as well. thank you very much, i will write about my experiences.

RKH many thanks to reise know-how for the maps of:
- caucasus
- central asia
- china eastern
- western china
- philippines
- canada west
i will report from all these areas and even more.
I learnt my lesson! I did the big mistake not to take all maps with me. Only the kausasus map, the others I wanted to be sent on the road. Unfortunately it is almost not possible to get reliable postal addresses east of turkey. Especially I missed a lot the chinese maps. just before I entered the country i lost my GPS and in china you can not get usable maps.
sorry reise-know-how that I couldn't offer further feedbacks. .

Rohloff after the gears has lasted perfectly more than 80 000 km, i don’t want to be without it anymore. rohloff has revised the gears completely and sponsored all other parts for my new bicycle. many thanks, i'm looking forward to the next 80 000 km.
-- meanwhile i have more than 140 000 km on the hub.

Schwalbe starting a bike trip early february? in the snow? i was often considered a little bit crazy. why ? - i got the schwalbe marathon winter with spikes! you can also use it without ice and snow driving, then with noise. more experiences with these new tires you can read later on my blog.
I was especially lucky because I had the lusury that schwalbe sent me new tyres whereever I have been on the globe, by DHL express. within 5 days I had a new set of tyres. Actually I didn't need this service very often. the schwalbe mondial tyres are lasting forever, up to 14000km . Thanks a lot.

Velotraum after the first velotraum had nearly 100 000km I decided to get a new one, almost the same setup, because I was very happy with the old one. Also the second round the world trip with the second velotraum was a big pleasur. in the meantime it got completely maintained in Weil der stadt. It's always a pleasure to be there. Thanks a lot to stefan and markus.

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