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that was my route of the 2n round the world trip:
to see the entire route click  umap on in the map

duration: 2 years, 3 months, 1 week
lenght: 48028km
flat tyres: no idea, very little
accidents: not worth mentioning 

more on my blog dorofleck.wordpress.com (sorry, only in German)

round the world tour 2008 - 2010
888 days from mid of February 2008 until mid of july 2010, 61 140 km, 26 countries:

more about this trip on  d-tours2.blogspot.com  (only partwise in english)

jordan 2007
from 22 september to 12 october 2007 a final test. shall i resign and go on world tour? if i still enjoy cycling, after 3 weeks cycling in the heat, desert and during ramadan in a moslem country i resign.


...and i haven't had enough as you can see now. I quit my job.

madagascar 2006
this trip was like a trigger. the first idea of a resignation and going on a long, long bike trip came up


who want's to read more about it? find more here: madagascar report (currently only in german)

new zealand 2004
half a year sabbatical: cycling 3 months in australia and 3 months in new zealand, reports later.

australia 2003
an exceptionel experience

usa 1995
long long time ago... i still have a report, but not digitized, will come later

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